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All of these bangla fonts that we have here are free and propritery of the original creators. Bangla Font developpers spent countless hours and efforts on these fonts. Many volunteers also helped enrich them by working on different bangla font projects around on and off the web over the years. These fonts are made available for free to download by them but if they are useful to you, please do not forget to reach out to the original developpers and say thank you. -
Bangla Font - Download Bangla Fonts Download Bengali Font Free Download
 Bangla Font Font Size
1Download Bangla Font Softwares58.6 m
2Download Bangla Fonts for Mac2.7 m
3Bangla Newspaper Fonts1.9 m
4Download Bangla Font LayOuts619.1 k
5Download AdarshaLipi Bangla Font339.7 k
6Download Nikosh BAN Bangla Font337.4 k
7Download Nikosh Bangla Font336.7 k
8Download Nikosh Light Ban Bangla Font319.0 k
9Download Nikosh Grameen318.8 k
10Download Akaash Bangla Font255.5 k
11Download Boishkhi Bangla Font213.1 k
12Download Sumon Unicode Rajani Bangla Font209.9 k
13Download AmarBangla Bangla Font206.7 k
14Download Lal-Sabuj204.9 k
15Download Sumon Unicode Slipi Bangla Font201.0 k
16Download Sumon Unicode Madhob Bangla Font198.4 k
17Download Bangla Font for Unix190.9 k
18Download Siyamrupali Bangla Font178.3 k
19Download Punarbhaba Bangla Font173.5 k
20Download Puja Bangla Font168.3 k
21Download Azad Bangla Font167.7 k
22Download Mohua Bangla Font166.1 k
23Download Sharifa Bangla Font164.9 k
24Download Apona Lohit Bangla Font162.4 k
25Download Lohit Bangla Font162.2 k
26Download Sumit Bangla Font156.0 k
27Download SolaimanLipi Bangla Font155.9 k
28Download Kalpurush155.1 k
29Download Likhan Bangla Font154.2 k
30Download Saraswatii Bangla Font149.9 k
31Download Ekushey-Kolom148.5 k
32Download BenSen Bangla Font147.8 k
33Download Godhuli Bangla Font144.7 k
34Download Mukti Narrow 0.94 Bangla Font142.9 k
35Download Durga Bangla Font139.6 k
36Download Shimanto136.6 k
37Download Rupali Bangla Font133.3 k
38Download Buriganga128.2 k
39Download Ani Bangla Font126.9 k
40Download Bangla-Kolom119.4 k
41Download LalSalu116.9 k
42Download BenSen Handwriting Bangla Font109.2 k
43Download 16-December Bangla Font103.4 k
44Download AmarDesh Bangla Font101.6 k
45Download BNBidisha Bengali Unicode100.0 k
46Download Sagar Normal Bangla Font99.5 k
47Download Ekushey-Bangla97.7 k
48Download Mukto94.3 k
49Download Ekushey-Sumon93.1 k
50Download Sornaly91.8 k
51Download Hortuki Normal Bangla Font75.0 k
52Download Bangla Font74.9 k
53Download Akaash Normal Bangla Font73.4 k
54Download Mukti Narrow Bangla Font69.2 k
55Download Likhan Normal Bangla Font66.5 k
56Download SuttonNy Bangla Font63.1 k
57Download Aparajita Bangla Font55.9 k
58Download Sulekha Bangla Font54.4 k
59Download Sutom Bangla Font50.7 k
60Download Mitra Bangla Font45.7 k
61Download Mitra Mono38.0 k
62Download BNBidisha Bengali Unicode Font0 bytes
63Download Nikosh Grameen Bangla Font0 bytes
64Download Lipi Ekushey0 bytes

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